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Fees: Services & Product Offerings


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Font Conversions & Modifications  (Includes 1 hour of support)

  • US$4,400

IBM Overlays  (Includes 1 hour of support)

  • US$4,425


Signature & Logo Digitization  (Includes 1 hour of support)

  • US$4,225 for one of each of the following: 

    • Format: AFP, Metacode, PCL, or PDF 

    • Resolution: 240dpi or 300dpi 

    • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape 

    • Additional resolutions, orientations & EBCDIC coding 

  • US$1,960 per signature or logo

Technical Services & Installation Support 

  • US$350 per hour 

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Licensed Products

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Secure Number Font

  • US$3,900

Barcodes - QR, Data Matrix, or PDF417 

  • US$53,500 for one CPU/LPU 

  • US$39,900 for each additional multiple CPU/LPU license 

  • 20% of the original license Fee for annual Right to Use renewal  

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Standard delivery is 10 business days. Rush service is available for a fee. Large quantity discounts are available.

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