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As You Prepare for the New Decade Do Not Forget Your Forms Need Updating Too

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As you prepare for your holiday festivities, have you realized that in less than 6 weeks we will be starting not only a new year but a new decade?


Soon we will be putting 2020 on our documents and forms. Have you made a list of all the forms you need to change?

Depending on what font you use for the year, the text spacing for 2020 may be wider than for 2019. If you are right justifying the date, you may need to move it a little to the left so that the alignment is correct for the new year.



Yearend is on its way and with it updates to production overlays. When changes are made to the overlay sometimes other files need to be updated too. So how do you know which ones?


Following is a guide on the items to consider when updating assets such as overlays. It depends on the complexity of the updates to what additional assets will need to be changed.


Here are three examples:

Unchanged Form Layout


If the layout of the form is not being changed, then you need only change one of the following:

  • The AFP Form Definition;

  • The Xerox JSL;

  • Your composition system setting that calls the form or overlay and places it on the page.


Altered Form Layout


If the layout of the updated form has changed from the old layout, in addition to the above three options, you may also need to consider changing either of the following:

  • The AFP Page Definition;

  • The template used by your composition system to place the data on the page.


Added Form Information


If the new layout includes new information or design elements added on the form, in addition to the above options, you may need to:

  • Update the code that is creating your input data file to ensure you have all the data you need to add to the form;

  • You might also need to create new font files or images to support the additional data.


If we have given you more questions than answers reach out to Dr. FontZ and the COPI Team.


Happy Thanksgiving to our USA readers.


If you need help on forms or overlays, fonts, images, page definitions or form definitions, schedule a consultation with Dr. FontZ using the button below.

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