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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Your Forms and Overlays Ready for the New Year? 

Many of us will be glad to see the end of the year with its economic hardships. But are you ready for it?


Do you know which forms or overlays you will have to change for the new year? There are always minor changes in the tax forms you need to send, but if you have contract workers, you should be aware that there is a different form for non-employee compensation (1099-NEC instead of 1099-M).


If you are in health care or insurance, there may be new guidelines for CPT patient codes. If you have had office closures or management changes, you may also need to change the addresses or signatures on your year-end documents.

Question: What other files need to be updated when changes are made to a form or overlay?


Answer: It depends on the complexity of the updates. Following is a guide on the items to consider when updating assets such as overlays.

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Unchanged Form Layout

If the layout of the form is not being changed, but the name of the form or overlay changes, then you need only change one of the following:

•     The AFP Form Definition;

•     The Xerox JSL;

•     Your composition system setting that calls the form or overlay and places it on the page.

Altered Form Layout

 If the layout of the form has changed, you will need to change one of the above options, plus the following:

•     The AFP Page Definition;

•     The template used by your composition system to place the data on the page.


New Form or Additional Information

If the new layout includes new information or design elements added on the form, in addition to the above options, or if it is a totally new form, you may need to:

•     Update the code that is creating your input data file to ensure you have all the data you need to add to the form;

•     You might also need to create new font files or images to support the additional data.

If you need help on forms or overlays, fonts, signatures, images, page definitions, or form definitions, schedule a consultation with Dr. FontZ using the button below.

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