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Who Is Your "GO To Person" For AFP Overlay Updates?

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An AFP User Query

What do we do? We need updates to our forms overlays and page segments. The people in marketing and brand management are saying text and logos in the overlays need to be updated. Plus, a signature needs to be digitized and added to one overlay. And like always, it is a rush, high-visibility project.

AFP (Advanced Function Printing) is a document format and presentation architecture supporting variable data printing, independent of specific applications and devices.



Who in the company oversees the AFP resources now?


  • All the people who set up our AFP resources are no longer at the company? No one here even knows what the terms in our documentation like AFP, Pagedef, Formdef mean



Let COPI’s OverlayZ specialists serve as your AFP resource partner.​

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COPI’s years of expertise supporting the world’s largest enterprises is available to assist your AFP resource maintenance needs.

The steps to success:

  • Send your current overlays and page segments to COPI.

  • Detail the desired updates.

  • Sit back and relax while COPI’s OverlayZ specialists do their work.

  • You will receive your updated AFP assets within 5 business days  (2-day rush is available)

For more information about COPI’s Overlay service Click for an





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