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Frequently Asked Questions

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Font Trimming Saves $, Ink, Paper & Postage

What is a Font Trim?

A font trim reduces the footprint of the characters printed on a page or screen. By trimming the size or spacing of a font’s characters, print providers can result in substantial savings in the cost of:

  • ink

  • paper

  • postage

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A multi-million-dollar trim

Some years ago, COPI (Computer Output Print & Internet) was contracted to reduce the cost of producing and mailing Pacific Bell’s (now AT&T) millions of client phone bills. After an extensive study, trimming the font used for the billing was the most viable solution.

COPI’s font specialists developed a mathematical algorithm to remove an undetectable amount of space above and below each character. The resultant savings in paper, ink, and postage resulted in millions of dollars - every year.

And it was all accomplished without affecting the readability of the phone bills.

Supply Chain And Costs

With today’s fast-rising costs and constraints on paper, ink, toner, and envelopes, font trimming may be a solution consideration. And in a competitive environment, offering to reduce a prospect’s postage costs could be THE bid-winning factor.

COPI’s font specialists, with four decades of service to clients worldwide, are available to assist with your cost reduction and service enhancement objectives.

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