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COPI helps Clients maximize the ROI of their print and customer communications technologies.


The basis of our commitment to providing delightful Client experiences:

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.


The most effective solution is determined by:

Investing time to fully understand a Client's project and the desired outcome.


COPI provides the best in font, barcode and AFP overlay services.

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We Create & Convert

Fonts, Signatures  & Logos


Production Printers

Running a production printer
Without high definition Fonts
Is like racing a Ferrari 

Without high octane fuel!


Font Conversions
  • PostScript to AFP font conversion

  • Truetype to AFP font conversion 

  • Outline to bitmap conversion

  • Font customization - Special character mapping

  • Font tuning for paper/postage savings

Logos & Signatures
  • Signature digitization - Signature fonts - Graphics

  • Logo digitization - Logo Fonts - Logo graphics

Secure Number Font

SequrZ provides tamper resistance through these unique characteristics:

  • Each number is generated with a unique width

  • Each number’s name is scripted inside the number

  • Large reverse image characters




    BITMAP            OUTLINE 



CodeZ products are software encoders for 2-dimensional barcode symbologies. 2D symbologies offer much higher data densities than linear barcodes.


Stacked symbologies such as PDF417 offer extremely high robustness while matrix symbologies such as DataMatrix, offer even higher data densities and orientation independent scanning.


CodeZ encoders provide the ability to add ISO standard 2D barcodes to your output. 


COPI supplies linear barcodes in all major symbologies for a great variety of applications.

2D Barcode Solutions


Data Matrix

To support projects requiring unique barcodes, the team developed barcode systems.

An example of COPI CodeZ technology are the barcodes on every communication from the Internal Revenue Service.

Who Is Your "GO To Person" For AFP Overlay Updates?

An AFP User Query

What do we do? We need updates to our forms overlays and page segments. The people in marketing and brand management are saying text and logos in the overlays need to be updated. Plus, a signature needs to be digitized and added to one overlay. And like always, it is a rush, high-visibility project.

AFP (Advanced Function Printing) is a document format and presentation architecture supporting variable data printing, independent of specific applications and devices.



Who in the company oversees the AFP resources now?


  • All the people who set up our AFP resources are no longer at the company? No one here even knows what the terms in our documentation like AFP, Pagedef, Formdef mean.




Let COPI’s OverlayZ specialists serve as your AFP resource partner.​

COPI’s years of expertise supporting the world’s largest enterprises is available to assist your AFP resource maintenance needs.

The steps to success:

  • Send your current overlays and page segments to COPI.

  • Detail the desired updates.

  • Sit back and relax while COPI’s OverlayZ specialists do their work.

  • You will receive your updated AFP assets within 5 business days  (2-day rush is available).

For more information about COPI’s Overlays service Click for an

Our mission is to Delightfully deliver mission-critical solutions to an international Clientele of users and vendors in the high volume computing and output industries.
The products we provide are used in support of our Clients’ important, time-sensitive printed documents. An error in a product costing a few thousand dollars, could delay, or even jeopardize, a multi-million-dollar project.​

Let us Delight You


  Why Choose Us?  


Fonts are a critical component in maximizing a company’s digital printer investment.


Our font technologists provide mission-critical, font-based solutions to the world's largest companies in support of their mission-critical print applications.


The FontZ team is the recognized leader in high-definition, high-volume, digital printer font technology.


High-definition fonts for high-volume printers require the expertise and wisdom that comes with deep experience across multiple toner and inkjet printer platforms.

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