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Font Conversions
  • Production printing, Document Composition, Mainframe, CCM, and Cloud-based applications fonts supporting AFP data streams, and digital transformation environments.

  • Licenses are available from all major font manufacturers.

  • PostScript to AFP font conversion

  • Truetype to AFP font conversion 

  • Outline to bitmap conversion

  • Font customization - Special character mapping

  • Font tuning for paper/postage savings

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Logos & Signatures
  • Signature digitization - Signature fonts - Graphics

  • Logo digitization - Logo Fonts - Logo graphics

Font 1.png
Font 5.png
Font 2.png
Font 3.png
Font 4.png

Global Languages

Font licenses covering language groups for:

  • Central Europe

  • Eastern Europe

  • Cyrillic, Greek

  • Turkish

We also license CJK double-byte fonts:

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Korean

If you would like to discuss your specific font needs, complete the Contact Us form below.

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